The Tweet Heard Around The World

When thinking about last year’s Super Bowl 47, most people will remember the power outage, and would agree that its occurance changed the game. Football fans would say that when the lights came back on, the momentum shifted away from the 49ers, ultimately resulting in a win for the Ravens.

But for marketing geeks like myself, we would say that when the lights came back on, the social media momentum had shifted dramatically to Oreo, resulting in a major win for the brand.

It was the tweet heard around the world.


It took the agency 360i less than 10 minutes to execute this brilliant campaign.  They saw the opportunity caused by the blackout, and immediately their team of creatives and executives, on hand to capitalize on a moment like this, started brainstorming.  Within a few minutes they landed on the idea, and the art director brought it to life.  The simply magnificent, “free” 43-character message went viral within minutes, ultimately receiving over 10,000 retweets in the first hour and 20,000 facebook likes.  Many would argue that this timely, on-brand tweet gained way more brand recognition than the $4 million paid commercials.  Luck = Preparation + Opportunity, right?

This year, most of the big brands are setting up social media command centers (Yes! Really!) to follow in 360i’s path of preparedness and increase their chances of being mentioned in the tens of millions of Tweets about the game and halftime show.  (Last year there were 24 million).  I anticipate seeing lots of social media noise, me-too’s and fails, with a few shining moments by brands that truly understand SoMe and more importantly, THEIR customers.

Top 10 Midwest-based PR firm Lambert, Edwards & Associates and Infegy, a social media monitoring and analytics firm will be monitoring the millions of Super Bowl social media conversations and will be providing updates on the LE&A facebook page and the SoMe winners will be posted at on Monday morning.

Apple’s 1984 commercial and Oreo’s 2013 tweet were marketing game changers.  I anxiously await Super Bowl XLVII for this year’s halfbacks and hashtags, and hopefully being able to write about a NEW game changer on Monday.


Super Bowl Infographic


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