For Frito-Lay.  For one day.

For the seventh consecutive year, Frito-Lay has put its marketing trust into the hands of you and millions of your closest friends.  For its “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion, 4000 aspiring film makers, copy writers, students and advertising fanatics tapped into their creative minds and shot their best commercial for Dorito’s.  The pool was narrowed down to the top 5, and now YOU get to decide who wins some serious cash and beaucoup bragging rights! The bottom 3 finalists win a cool $25,000 each. The second place winner receives $50k, and the BIG WINNER gets $1,000,000!  All finalists will nervously party it up at the big game in beautiful North Jersey, anxiously waiting to see their fate. The top 2 will also work on the set of the major motion picture The Avengers: Age of Ultron, in London and get the thrill of watching their ads played during Super Bowl XLVII.

As with any contest, there is always the emotional favorite.  Chris Capel spent eight years working at DreamWorks as an animator, contributing to nine feature films — and then, last year, he got laid off. But now he says maybe that layoff was a blessing in disguise, because it gave him time to go back to his original dream of directing films, which in turn led him to enter this contest with his entry called “Office Thief”.  You can see all five finalists, and vote for your favorite once per day using the following link:  Crash the Super Bowl.  Comment below with your vote and/or via twitter #marketlikeitsyourjob #doritos or facebook .


Do you remember last year’s finalists?  Here they are:  Fashionista Daddy and the Winner:  Goat For Sale.

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